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AgFutures 2020 and the Queensland Agriculture Awards

AgFutures and the announcement of the Queensland Agriculture Awards was a free online event on 17 September 2020.

You can watch the recording of the live event here.

Traditionally, AgFutures and the Queensland Agriculture Awards are run every two years. Watch this space for news about future dates as they come to hand.

Jacqueline Wilson-Smith: Global Strategist at Sustainable Innovation Company

Queensland’s AgFuture: purposeful together. How does Queensland play a meaningful part solving the systemic and rising problems in agri-food and fibre industries, locally and globally?

Fabian Carniel: CEO Mulgowie Farming Company

While the COVID complications of workforce safety, operational continuity and market volatility have added to the entrenched challenges of pests, weather events and drought, Mulgowie Farming Company has pioneered an innovative risk-based approach to mitigating the complex health and business threats created by the novel coronavirus.

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