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About the 2020 speakers

  • Fabian Carniel: CEO Mulgowie Farming Company

    Growing and thriving together in the new ag normal

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity like no other by shining a spotlight on the legendary traditions of innovation and resourcefulness within Australian agriculture.

    While the COVID complications of workforce safety, operational continuity and market volatility have added to the entrenched challenges of pests, weather events and drought, Mulgowie Farming Company has pioneered an innovative risk-based approach to mitigating the complex health and business threats created by the novel coronavirus.

    Mulgowie’s proactive, effective response to COVID-19 and the lessons learned so far have been willingly shared with industry, government and community partners to help minimise the impacts of the unfolding crisis across the sector.

    CEO Fabian Carniel believes this collaborative and connected approach is a key ingredient in cultivating the new ‘ag normal’.

    By combining the spirit and ingenuity of Australia’s farming communities with innovation and cooperation, Queensland agriculture can evolve as a resilient, sustainable, prosperous industry for future farming generations.

    About Fabian

    Growing up on his parents’ orchard at Stanthorpe taught Fabian Carniel the value of a strong work ethic. Now, he has more than 30 years’ experience in the Australian fresh produce industry.

    Appointed CEO of Mulgowie Farming Company in 2009, Fabian strives to lead by example and with integrity and performs a key role inspiring the Mulgowie team to consistently deliver quality, fresh and nutritious products through innovation and sustainable farming practices.

    Fabian has been a Director of the Produce Marketing Association and a Director and Trading Executive within the Australian fresh produce export industry.  As well as cultivating a broad network of collaborative relationships across industry, government, growers, customers and community groups, Fabian is passionate about the advancement of Australian agriculture and innovation to meet future consumer demands.

    Mulgowie Farming Company is a recognised leader in growing, packing, distributing and marketing fresh vegetables. With more than 5000 hectares in production across Australia, Mulgowie is a sustainable, Australian owned and operated business with more than 500 employees and 75 years’ experience.