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About the 2020 speakers

  • Jacqueline Wilson-Smith: Global Strategist at Sustainable Innovation Company

    Queensland’s AgFuture: purposeful together

    Drought. Fire. Pandemic. Geopolitical barriers. How does Queensland play a meaningful part solving the systemic and rising problems in agri-food and fibre industries, locally and globally?

    Shared challenges are being discussed around the globe: risky, long supply chains; rising costs and trade barriers; food safety and biosecurity concerns; and mounting sovereign worries with many countries on a quest towards self-sufficiency and governments holding out hope that agri-food will play a vital key role in economic recovery. Queensland is not alone.  

    Sustainable solutions to these wicked problems will need individuals, organisations, and governments to ‘collaborate with purpose’, effectively innovating networks that together will overcome these shared and systemic challenges.

    The future will see global shifts from exporting products to selling sophisticated, digitally enabled systems of food production to alleviate the need for long, risky supply chains and respond to food safety, food security demands offering pathways towards self-sufficiency for countries across the globe in these uncertain times. Queensland’s agri-food industry has a purposeful part to play together in what the world needs right now.

    About Jacqueline

    Jacqueline (Jac) has been driving strategy, innovation, and sustainable transformations in since 1995 when she switched from being an EY accountant into a design-led innovator holding global roles with McCormick, Gourmet Garden, Mondelez, Constellation & Hardy Wine Company. In 2019, Jac founded the Sustainable Innovation Company on a mission to catalyse impactful innovation and radical change in a VUCA world. Jac works glovally (global, local, and virtual) and aspires to be known as a pioneer of collaborative leadership, capable of mobilising people, teams, communities, and organisations to create better & radically change for good together.

    In addition, Jac is Co-Founder and past immediate Chair of Food Agribusiness Network (FAN) and a Non-Executive Director and Advisor on a number of boards, panels, and committees including Food Agility, Traveller's Choice, Agrifutures’ Rural Women's Award Alumni, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation’s Circularity Group and QLD's Manufacturing Ministerial Committee. In 2017 Jac was the QLD AgriFutures’ Rural Women’s Award recipient.