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Pacific Labour Scheme / Seasonal Worker Programme for Agriculture

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  • Advice to Approved Employers: Christmas/New Year Quarantine Arrangements & Recruitment timelines

    Approved Employers,

    The Pacific Labour Facility (PLF) has recently communicated their Christmas shutdown period indicating a no-flight arrival period will be operating from 24 December 2021 until 10 January 2022 (i.e., last flight/s 23 December 2021 and first flight/s 11 January 2022).

    This will ensure that those workers completing their quarantine arrangements will be able to undertake their festive and or religious celebrations accordingly. It is important that we all support these important calendar dates for all of our Pacific nation workers.

    In line with the PLF’s requirements, Queensland will implement a no flight period for on-farm and regional quarantine from 6 December 2021. This will ensure the required quarantine period will end by 20 December 2021 and therefore compliment the PLF shut down period.

    Queensland’s first flight post-Christmas/New Year will begin after 11 January 2022.

    Recruitment proposals and plans: between October to 6 December 2021

    1. For those Approved Employers (AEs) wanting workers to arrive in Australia between October and 6 December:

    • submit your recruitment proposals as soon as possible
    • submit recruitment plans at least 11 weeks before desired arrival date
    • state and territory Chief Health Officer (CHO) approvals and recruitment plans must be approved at least 5 weeks before planned arrival date.

    Recruitment proposals and plans: arriving after 11 January 2022

    2. For those AEs wanting workers to arrive in Australia after 11 January 2022, the following timelines will apply:

    • submit recruitment proposals by 13 October 2021
    • submit recruitment plans (for approved proposals) by 10 November 2021.

    Note that the Chief Health Officer (CHO) and Programme (SWP/PLS) approval must be received by 17 November 2021 to allow adequate time for the LSUs to recruit and prepare workers for this period. There will be no exceptions to these requirements so please ensure you plan well ahead of these timelines.