Emergency animal diseases preparedness

Livestock Industry Taskforce

  • About the taskforce


    • Identify and prioritise key issues for consideration and progression, where practicable, to optimise or influence levels of awareness and preventative practices to minimise the likelihood of LSD, FMD and ASF incursion in Queensland.
    • Guide and inform stakeholder preparatory work so that responses to a disease incursion are effective and coordinated.
    • Work within Australian Government, interstate and stakeholder jurisdictions to complement work of common interest concerning awareness, prevention, surveillance and control.
    • Provide Queensland input to the national agenda associated with LSD, FMD and ASF.
    • Minimise the impacts to disrupted supply chains through collaboration between industry and government.
    • Work through any other specific industry impacts.


    The taskforce will explore issues that may improve Queensland’s LSD, FMD and ASF preparedness capability and surveillance across all stakeholder interests. They will:

    • prioritise work that needs urgent attention to prepare for the potential of LSD, FMD and ASF occurring in Queensland
    • communicate strategies to increase the awareness and importance of LSD, FMD and ASF preparedness, targeting relevant audiences, particularly those in northern Australia
    • share information across organisations, sectors and jurisdictions, particularly northern jurisdictions (Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia)
    • provide technical advice to the Queensland Government on disease prevention and control preparedness.

    The taskforce will not be a forum for determining government policy.