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Consultation on Draft Developmental Fishing Policy 2020

Project overview

Fisheries Queensland has undertaken a review of its Developmental Fishing Policy and is seeking public comment.

Fisheries management policies are developed to support the legislative and regulatory framework for Queensland’s fisheries.

To provide feedback on the draft policy, complete the below survey by 5.00 pm, 30 September 2020. If you prefer to submit a written application, you can upload it digitally via the submission form on this page, or by email or post using the contact details also listed on this page.

The draft policy paper can be downloaded from the document library.

Key points of the draft policy are that it:

1.  enables fishers to investigate the viability of new commercial fishing activities, including, but not limited to:

  • targeting of new, unallocated or currently non-commercial species
  • use of a different or modified type of fishing apparatus
  • exploration of new areas for fisheries resources

2.  introduces a new more flexible three phased approach to developmental fishing depending on the information available on the proposed developmental activity

3.  relies on six key principles:

  • ecological sustainability of fisheries resources and the ecosystems on which they depend is paramount
  • all costs associated with the developmental fishery are to be met by the permit holder
  • it is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all information required for an application to be considered and continued
  • one at a time access for developmental fishing activities
  • economic viability must be demonstrated
  • undue stakeholder conflict is to be avoided.
  • Survey on the draft Developmental Fishing Policy 2020

    Please provide your feedback on the draft Developmental Fishing Policy 2020 by completing this survey by 5.00pm, 30 September 2020. There are seven questions so the survey will take approximatley 5 minutes. We recommend downloading a copy of the draft policy paper and reading it before commencing the survey. 

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