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Freshwater Fisheries Working Group - Expressions of Interest


The Sustainable Fisheries Strategy 2017 - 2027 paves the way for Queensland to have a world-class fisheries management system. Working groups are the key formal stakeholder engagement mechanism under the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy (SFS).

Fisheries Queensland is now seeking expressions of interest for members of the Freshwater Fisheries Working Group, which will work alongside the SIPS sub-working group on the management of Queensland's freshwater fisheries. The Freshwater Fisheries Working Group will provide advice on all matters relating to the management of the freshwater fishery, including stocking and recreational fishing rules such as size limits and closures.

The responsibilities of members are detailed in the Terms of Reference, which can be downloaded from the Document Library on this page.

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How else can I get involved?

Being a member of the working group is not the only way to get involved.

Fisheries Queensland will be engaging stakeholders more broadly. One of the actions in the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy is to utilise more novel engagement techniques (including online surveys) to gather a range of feedback on particular fishery issues. Fisheries Queensland will also be releasing discussion papers on options to better manage our fisheries.