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  • From farmer to fitness guru

    Joy McClymont’s goal is to increase Australians’ awareness of where their food comes from, and help people across rural and remote communities to combine high-quality healthy food with fitness to support a healthy lifestyle. Producing top-quality food and fibre has always been front and centre of the McClymont family’s business model.

    However, in recent years, this has broadened into an innovative online Off the Track Training program helping people to achieve their health goals, no matter where they live, without the need of a gym or other high-tech equipment. Joy realised that despite her isolated location, she was able to improve her fitness levels by making do with what she had lying around the cattle station. She would lift heavy bags of grain as weights, use bales of hay as a jumping box and unused tyres for lifting and rolling.

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    Joy’s Fitness Hub has provided a platform for members of the rural community to connect with other like-minded individuals pursuing a healthier lifestyle.

    Ingenuity and resilience have allowed this rural family to make the most of what can be challenging circumstances, diversify farm income and improve the lives of Queenslanders to build happier, more viable rural communities.

    Joy was awarded the Fitness Australia Active Achiever Award in 2016, and was named one of Queensland’s Community Digital Champions for creating an online health and fitness platform.

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