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  • Paddock to plate in the South Burnett

    From the foothills of the Bunya Mountains, small family farm HighBrit Beef is a leading example of business foresight to better connect with consumers on a platform of trust, sustainability and quality. An emerging trend in recent years has been the reshaping of traditional beef businesses to more finely tuned business models that are responsive to the needs of the stock, land and consumer.

    Starting with the fundamentals of good beef, soil and grass, and the learnings from the grazing best management practice program, the Douglass family operates the property using regenerative practices with minimal chemical inputs to ensure the highest quality pasture is available for their cattle. Combined with a long-term program of strategic reafforestation supported by former Caring for our Country funding, the property is on a journey of continuous improvement towards a more productive, resilient and biodiverse future.

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    The cattle themselves receive no antibiotics, no growth promotants and no added hormones and are entirely grass-fed—these are highly desirable characteristics for increasingly discerning consumers. The cattle are processed at a small local abattoir and butchered at a nearby facility leased by the business. This allows HighBrit Beef to have ultimate control over its supply chain, and positions the products in a high-value, branded market niche with quality and provenance assured for its customers. Showing they can listen and respond to consumer needs, HighBrit have expanded their product offering by partnering with local lamb and pork producers whose values and operations align.

    Reinforcing a strong customer focus further, HighBrit are also open to the public through farm open days and long–table lunches, supported and promoted through a strong online presence and involvement in the community.

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