Proposed changes to the management of the southern offshore trawl region

Project Overview

Fisheries Queensland is seeking feedback on the proposed management changes to the southern offshore trawl region.

The discussion paper is available in the document library.

You can provide feedback using the survey below, using the submission form or by emailing Submissions close 18 August 2021.

Southern offshore harvest strategy workshops were held on 29 June, 12 July, and 19 July 2021.

The communiques from these meetings are available online.

The 2021 stock assessment was presented to the group and estimates the 2019 spawning biomass of eastern king prawn is at 62% of unfished levels. Based on this assessment, the initial southern offshore harvest strategy effort cap for the 2021-22 season is 845,266 effort units.

Industry members have identified a range of concerns in the southern offshore trawl region including:

  • effort shift into the southern offshore trawl region increasing the risk of the effort cap being reached
  • continued harvest of prawns at sub optimal sizes and times.

To address these risks, a range of management changes were identified and discussed at the workshops. The workshop was unable to reach an agreed view on the best option to address all stakeholder concerns and progress reform in the region.

Fisheries Queensland is seeking your feedback on the industry-led management options in the discussion paper and whether you support any of the proposed options. Following consultation, the management arrangements for the 2021-22 fishing season will be submitted to the government for consideration.

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