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  • Queensland movement control orders updated

    An updated movement control order came into effect on 22 July 2022 and replaces the previous movement control orders that commenced on 14 July 2022 and 30 June 2022.

    Low-risk honey products and equipment are allowed into Queensland while stopping varroa mite from entering.

    Under the order, you can only move bees, bee hives, beekeeping equipment or bee products (including honey) to Queensland, if:

    • the carrier is processed honey or processed beeswax
    • it is a new and unused apiary appliance
    • it is a quarantine secured diagnostic honey sample for testing at a recognised diagnostic facility.

    Processed honey can only be transported in clean containers or packaging to avoid attracting bees.

    Bulk honey and processed beeswax can only be moved if it is packed in a facility that excludes bees and the outside of the container, and any frames, pallets and packaging are free from honey or beeswax.